Thursday, 21 November 2013

Christmas Fayre Season...

Lots of rings all made and ready to try on!
Hello bloggers! Well, I have certainly been very busy indeed! As you see from the images here, I have been busily preparing from craft fayres!!

A group of us crafty mums in my village have set up a pop up shop called Shop on the Hill ( and have been busy preparing flyers, articles and our own goodies for sale too! I have naturally fallen into the PR and leaflet designer (with my design background) and as we all have unique and individual talents to offer, it is all working out smoothly. Each event, we take a percentage of sales from the refreshments we sell and give to a local charity. In our first event we were able to give £50 to a local charity!

Moon Bead Bracelets
Fish Wish Bracelets
In an attempt to get more awareness online of my jewellery, after having been requested a leaflet with my pieces on offer in, I felt I should update my website, so today, just to get started, I have included some images of some work, and work to come, in this blog. Above I have made a lovely bracelet, which I have put together, as an example, or how I can personalise a gift for someone by including a complimentary gift tag. It's nothing fancy, but it does make the recipient feel as though someone has gone out of their way to do something nice for them.  I've also made lots of rings and have made some gorgeous little wish bracelets, something I think the children will love and at £1.50 each, they are affordable for the little ones!
Gemstones awaiting wirewrapping

The stones pictured include gemstones that look wonderful wire wrapped - and that is exactly what will happen to them!!! Pictured are blue onyx, black onyx, tigereye, blue goldstone, brown goldstone, rhodonite, rose quartz, red jasper, picture jasper, snowflake obsidian, sodalite, leopard skin agate & carnelian. I can't wait to 'frame' these in wire!! Stones I also have wrapped previously include Opal Quartz, Turquoise Magnesite, name but a few!
Christmas cards in my new stand!

And it's not just jewellery!! I have also started Christmas cards, which I shall be selling for a Christmas fayre next week. I do hope they are liked, as my style is perhaps not quite so traditional... so who knows! but that's the beauty of craft fayres....there is something for everyone!

Well, adieu for now, until my next blog.....

Peace to all,