Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sparkle & Glisten with IndigoBlu

Domino Pendant and Keyring

For this month's challenge I couldn't resist using some Unicorn Sparkle with the gorgeous IndigoBlu Floral Fantasy papers! In fact, I used the thumbnail images on the cover on the dominoes, because I don't like anything to go to waste!!!

Stick the papers down with your FlitterGlu, leave to dry, then seal using your Slap-It-On. Add the Unicorn Sparkles at this stage!

Once dry, use your Diamond Resin! My dominoes had uneven backs (and knobbly bit!) so I laid them atop two lollypop (or popsicle) sticks, in order to ensure they were even, thereby keeping the resin in place (trust me, the ones I didn't put onto the sticks, all leaked off the edges!!). The resin will take about a day to dry and about 3 days to cure.

I would like to thank Nikki Killinger, our super talented Blog Challenge Leader, for the inspiration here, as she is a wizz with all things Diamond Resin and has the most beautiful domino, and plenty more, jewellery! Just click her name to visit her blog!

Thank you for visiting my blog post, I would love your feedback! As it's the beginning of December and the time of this posting, I would like to wish all our IndigoBlu friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Happy Holidays to all, and of course, Peace & Harmony.

Maxine x

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