Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Loved Drawer Unit

Well hello and welcome! Thank you for dropping by.

Today I am sharing with you a little set of drawers I made from cardboard. I took measurements from a large matchbox, made 4 'matchboxes' and then measured all 4 to get the dimensions for the outside of the chest. I've always loved constructing things (and I did technical drawing at school!) so I did have fun making, but there are lots of blogs about that have all the info on construction.

What I've done to the drawers, once built, is covered using the new IndigoBlu 6x6 papers. I used the Fontastic Ephemera set, and used a few sheets in making this.

The image on the easel card, which I wanted to made look like a mirror or picture, is from the new IndigoBlu stamps - this is Caitlin, she is beautiful! and the sentiment "REMEMBER YOU ARE LOVED" is from the Becca stamp set.

I've distressed all the edges with Black Soot Distress Ink, I coloured in 'Caitlin' with Distress Inks too. Gives such a gentle,vintage feel. I topped this onto some kraftcard, which I edged with IndigoBlu Flitterglu, and stamped with Flitterglu, and I added IndigoBlu Mega Flake 'Chocolate Box'. The stamp I used for this was one of the new stamps from IndigoBlu called "Tattoo Heart" - in this you can only see the edges.

I ripped out a few pieces of the paper, created the heart from UTEE, and used IndigoBlu Flitterglu and Mega Flake to it. The little pendent is made using a small piece of paper cut from the cover of the pad, which I stuck down and sealed with IndigoBlu Slap It On, then used Ice Resin. I love the fact that you can see the image in the pendent that is also in the 'newspaper advert', I hope it looks like a dressing table, with bits and bobs laying on the dresser.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Gnarly Box

Thank you for visiting my blog! Today, I am showing a gorgeous box I decorated! I have used IndigoBlu products, as this was made and sent into IndigoBlu to be used as a sample.
Here you can see one of the lovely papers from the 6x6 IndigoBlu Fontastic Ephemera 190gsm paper.
This paper has a coating, but still with only a light sheen - it's great for using paint on - however, in this instance, I've merely stamped some Ink Splats (from the new IndigoBlu/Limor Webber stamp range) and also distressed around the edges.
The wording used here has been stamped using the new IndigoBlu stamp set "Funny Bird" which has lots of lovely, and some funny too, sentiments.
The little frame is made with UTEE with a PLAID mould set. The paper is from the cover of the paper set. Sealed with IndigoBlu Slap-It-On beforehand, I used Ice Resin to add the 'glass'.

Here I've taken a close up of the fish - this was actually one of those little plastic fish you get in a sushi snack pack. I've used IndigoBlu black Gee-Sso Good - two thin coats and then dry brushed over with IndigoBlu Goldfinger English Cottage Acrylic paint.  (The stringy bits in the picture are from my hot glue gun - I wanted to add some extra texture, and it kinda looks like cob-webs).

Overall, I had great fun making this, and tried to recycle bits and bobs - the 'lamp' is a wine cork, painted - and the bulb is from my other halves box of bits he's never used!

The box itself was recycled too (given to me by my friend Carolyne). I covered the box in tissues, using IndigoBlu Slap-it-On, then painted with IndigoBlu black Gee-Sso Good and then dry brushed with IndigoBlu Goldfinger English Cottage Acrylic paint (as you can tell, this is one of my favourite techniques at the moment!) A few embellishments and all done!

Hope you like and thank you once again for visiting!

Peace x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Touch of Red

Good day to you, and thank you for visiting my blog!! I would like to show you my IndigoBlu Blog Challenge piece "A Touch of Red". Click HERE to get back to the IndigoBlu blog challenge.

I felt inspired to make a card for Valentine's and have been very lucky to have to play with, the new IndigoBlu stamps, to be released in the UK this month!

So, here you can see the lovely Heart Flourish Dinkie stamp. I have stamped this using the IndigoBlu Metallic Acrylic paints in Ruby Slippers. One thing you cannot see in the photograph is the shimmer in the paint!

I also took another of the new IndigoBlu stamps, from the Limor Webber range. This is called "Rugged Edge" and has 4 lovely gorgeously big edge stamps (which, of course, don't need to be used only as edges!!). This I have used around the edges, also with the Ruby Slippers paint, and also using IndigoBlu Flitterglu and Mega Flake "Chocolate Box".

I have then used the IndigoBlu Design Alphabet and Design Numbers stamp sets, with black Versafine ink, to just spell out my wording "I LOVE YOU".

I hope you like my little card! Oh, it's a 5"x7" size card base, so you can see, even though the Heart Flourish is Dinkie, at £4.99 it's still a really good size stamp!

Thank you once again for visiting!

Peace to all.