Tuesday, 22 July 2014

IndigoBlu Fantasticness!

That's me that is!
I'm so happy!!! I have just become an Independent Demonstrator for IndigoBlu! I had the most amazing time at the IndigoBlu HQ last week, training and working with all the wonderful products they make, and getting to meet lots of super-talented ladies. I feel blessed to have become a part of this family of crafters!

Below are a couple of the things that I made prior to my days of excitement! To work with such amazing stamps is a pleasure; to be able to actually demonstrate the stamps, not the mention all the other products - Glitterglu, Mega Flakes, Cottage Acrylic Paints, Gee-So Good, Slap it On, etc, etc, etc - well that excitement and love of the products will shine through in my demos and I can't wait to get started!

IndigoBlu Love Is stamp with Mega Flake
IndigoBlu Juliet stamp with Stazon and Distress Ink

I'm still at a bit of a loss for words, but would like to share the IndigoBlu blog challenge, which I urge you to enter, as you have the chance to win some brilliant stamps!!!! Plus it's fun! Of course, the rules are simple, use only IndigoBlu stamps the challenge, and go with the monthly theme - this month the theme is "Christmas in July!" or as I call it "Julymas" (thanks to my dear friend Sue, who celebrates Christmas as often as she can throughout the year!!!) 

As much as we dread to mention the "C" word - it is not really too long away and we must start to get our cards ready, plus IndigoBlu have a new range of Christmas stamps that will make you wish it WAS Christmas all year round!!!!

Here is the link to this months challenge!!! Good luck and please don't be shy, just enter, and most importantly, ENJOY!!!