Saturday, 21 November 2015

IndigoBlu Winter Blues

Winter Blues card

Thank you for visiting my blog. For this IndigoBlu Blog Challenge, I was inspired to use the colour blue and silver.

I cut out 3 sheets of paper in descending size to fit onto a square card base. Using IndigoBlu English Cottage Acrylic Paints I painted my cards using the following colours:
Largest square : Mixture of Townhouse Teal and Sleeping Beauty (and water)
Middle square : Townhouse Teal and Grandma's Teacup (and water)
Smallest square : Grandma's Teacup and Snow White (and water)

I also painted a piece of 'ribbon' - it was the ribbon from a tea-towel set. I gave this a really good soak in what was left from painting my last (smallest) square.

Once dry, I took the Snow White paint, mixed with a little more water than I'd previously used, to create the splashes on all three squares.

I used the IndigoBlu Distress Tool to roughen up all the edges - the paper needs to be very dry, so, being the impatient crafter that I am, I used my heat tool!

I chose my winter-themed stamps and with the Holly Berry (A6) stamp on my smallest square, stamped with the FlitterGlu. I then used the Winter Dawn Mega Flake.

I also used the SnowFlake Lace (A6) stamp, but this time, I stamped onto the ribbon, using Townhouse Teal paint. I let is sit and applied a good amount of pressure! (this is where the Slim Jims come in very handy, as I suffer with arthritic inflammation in some of my fingers)

I had a gorgeous little silver pendant, so stamped the SnowFlake Lace stamp onto some photographic paper (it was a piece of waste that I didn't want to 'waste') using the FlitterGlu - this I left to go tacky for a little longer, being as how the paper was very glossy - much as you would do if using the FlitterGlu onto Acetate, Shrink Plastic, or Glass. I used the Winter Dawn Mega Flake and then cut down to size to fit within the pendant, stuck down with a little of the FlitterGlu and then coated and sealed over the IndigoBlu Slap It On Tissue Paper glue.

The sentiment is from the Here Comes Santa (A5) stamp set, with I cut to the desired size and framed using the FlitterGlu and Mega Flake (in Winter Dawn).

I assembled my card and applied a few little blue gems onto a few of the 'berries' and snowflakes!

I've listed all the products, with links, at the bottom on this page. I hope you like. Stay warm. Peace.

Shine Detail of the amazing IndigoBlu Winter Dawn Mega Flake

Stamps: Here Comes Santa; SnowFlake Lace; Holly Berry.
Paints: Sleeping Beauty; Townhouse Teal; Grandma's Teacup; Snow White.
Mega Flake: Winter Dawn.
Glues: FlitterGlu; Slap-It-On.
Tools: Slim Jims; Brush; Phat Foam; Scoochi; Palette Knife; A5 Storage Box.

I've only listed products I've used, but there is so much more to see at the IndigoBlu website.