Saturday, 21 November 2015

IndigoBlu Winter Blues

Winter Blues card

Thank you for visiting my blog. For this IndigoBlu Blog Challenge, I was inspired to use the colour blue and silver.

I cut out 3 sheets of paper in descending size to fit onto a square card base. Using IndigoBlu English Cottage Acrylic Paints I painted my cards using the following colours:
Largest square : Mixture of Townhouse Teal and Sleeping Beauty (and water)
Middle square : Townhouse Teal and Grandma's Teacup (and water)
Smallest square : Grandma's Teacup and Snow White (and water)

I also painted a piece of 'ribbon' - it was the ribbon from a tea-towel set. I gave this a really good soak in what was left from painting my last (smallest) square.

Once dry, I took the Snow White paint, mixed with a little more water than I'd previously used, to create the splashes on all three squares.

I used the IndigoBlu Distress Tool to roughen up all the edges - the paper needs to be very dry, so, being the impatient crafter that I am, I used my heat tool!

I chose my winter-themed stamps and with the Holly Berry (A6) stamp on my smallest square, stamped with the FlitterGlu. I then used the Winter Dawn Mega Flake.

I also used the SnowFlake Lace (A6) stamp, but this time, I stamped onto the ribbon, using Townhouse Teal paint. I let is sit and applied a good amount of pressure! (this is where the Slim Jims come in very handy, as I suffer with arthritic inflammation in some of my fingers)

I had a gorgeous little silver pendant, so stamped the SnowFlake Lace stamp onto some photographic paper (it was a piece of waste that I didn't want to 'waste') using the FlitterGlu - this I left to go tacky for a little longer, being as how the paper was very glossy - much as you would do if using the FlitterGlu onto Acetate, Shrink Plastic, or Glass. I used the Winter Dawn Mega Flake and then cut down to size to fit within the pendant, stuck down with a little of the FlitterGlu and then coated and sealed over the IndigoBlu Slap It On Tissue Paper glue.

The sentiment is from the Here Comes Santa (A5) stamp set, with I cut to the desired size and framed using the FlitterGlu and Mega Flake (in Winter Dawn).

I assembled my card and applied a few little blue gems onto a few of the 'berries' and snowflakes!

I've listed all the products, with links, at the bottom on this page. I hope you like. Stay warm. Peace.

Shine Detail of the amazing IndigoBlu Winter Dawn Mega Flake

Stamps: Here Comes Santa; SnowFlake Lace; Holly Berry.
Paints: Sleeping Beauty; Townhouse Teal; Grandma's Teacup; Snow White.
Mega Flake: Winter Dawn.
Glues: FlitterGlu; Slap-It-On.
Tools: Slim Jims; Brush; Phat Foam; Scoochi; Palette Knife; A5 Storage Box.

I've only listed products I've used, but there is so much more to see at the IndigoBlu website.


  1. so frosty! i absolutely love this!!! hugs rachel x

    1. Haha, yes, it's rather frosty!! thank you for lovely comment! xxx

  2. Hi this is stunning I love it. Hugs Jackie

  3. Beautiful card Maxine, love the cool colours and the sentiment is brilliant, hugs xxx

  4. Hello Maxine, Absolutely gorgeous, love those colours. Love the little blue gems to.

    Jade xx