Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The little things I've been up to...

This weekend was not much of a crafty weekend at all for me.....at least, not in the pure sense of craft!!

We did, however, build and new area for the chickens, by putting up 6ft trellis and building a nice new gate - so they can't get out and ruin my flower beds, or Steve's vegetable patches!!! I love having my chickens parading around freely, however, it's very messy, as they poo everywhere and they also dig up the plants and our pebbley-stone pathways. So they have been asigned from the wild area (which they kept flying out of) to a nice new pen.

I've been busy with a book cover design all week, and the author is very pleased with the design I've done!! I can't wait to read the full book - and I will post pictures once the book is released!! But keep on the look out for Mark Cundy's book, The Osborne Legacy!

Other work....granny squares!! I crocheted 8 of them last night. I'm planning on making a big blanket and need to get some more colours. We have a nice pink (think strawberry milkshade!), we'll also get white and lime green - the latter being my daughter's choice - and it works very well! Can't wait to get them all made up so I can stitch them together!!! I've not made one with squares before, so I'm hoping it will work and can't wait to blog the results!!!

Craft! YES - well, I've been asked to do a personalised wedding card, which I've started - but not finished..... (you thought I was going to say 'so I'll finish' didn't ya?!).

I'm going to keep it simply, with only minimal distress inky (hard to me to keep it subtle!) and I've used an Indigo Blu stamp from the Mr Darcy set. I thought, with the card, I'd be influenced, by which I mean, more or less totally do the same as!, by Julia Watts. Using glue pearl dots all around the edges seems perfect for a wedding card to me.... I've embossed paper and will gently ink edges in DI shaded lilac, stamped a topper in silver ink, and will compose and print out a personalised sentiment. I've not decided yet, but I may try to use some diecuts to place behind my topper... trying to keep it all in white paper, with only minimal colour - to get a nice wedding feel.

Well, I shall get on and post pictures of the card soon - for now, I attached my naughty chickens (well, I attach a picture of them...). They are outside my little workshop/garden studio and having a little peck about. George is sunning herself - they all were and I tried to get a picture of them all, but Ginger and Amber decided to go walkabout instead, so here they are enjoying the sun, having escaped their previous pen.

Next are my cute guinea pigs - they are wanting to have a run about - which I do let them do, for exercise, however, I have to keep my eye on them just in case - here you can see them with some carrots I'd just given them - yum!

My messy area next to computer with a whole big bunch of stamps! Not sure why I added this image for you but just to show you that I'm always keep the tiniest selection of my stamps to hand!

Thank you for visiting! See you again very soon.
Peace & Harmony to all!
Maxine x

PS - I have not checked spelling or re-read my post so I apologise for any errors!

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