Monday, 8 September 2014


I thought I would share with you my beautiful mannequin, lovingly decorated with IndigoBlu products! The mannequin itself is from IndigoBlu, and she will be appearing at all my demos - she may get a makeover in time, although I will probably get myself a couple more, as she was such fun to do! I used Flitterglu on the bottle top, let it sit for a good while until tacky (it does need to be left a little longer as it's metal), then applied the Mega-flake.

I know I do tend to wax lyrical about IndigoBlu - however, I do so love the products which is why I am so delighted to be working for them as a demonstrator!!!

In other news, last week was the open day at IndigoBlu HQ and it was a fantastic day! All the ladies did amazing demonstrations, they are all such a talented bunch, and my head is full of wonder things that I want to do - and my car full of even more wonderful goodies that I just had to buy!!!

I admit, I did 'hide' my bag when I got home!!! Silly really, as the amount I spent will be seen on our bank statement.... I'm most especially excited by the purchase of the Ice Resin (Susan Kenart Kazmer), as demo'd by the fabulous Nikki Killinger (check out her blog here).

Other demonstrations were from Clare Horner (visit her blog here) who did some fantastic journal demos and will also be doing journal workshops. Jenny Marples (visit her blog here) did some amazing card making demos using all the great IndigoBlu products, Nicki Marell was demoing crochet techniques (sorry, don't know her blog!) and of course, Kay Halliwell-Sutton (visit the IndigoBlu blog here) did amazing things as one would expect! So yes, a great day!

Well, that's it for today, my daughter requires my attention...not to mention the cats, guinea pigs, chickens and now a jackdaw, who has taken up residence in my greenhouse!

Peace & Harmony to all!
Maxine xx

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  1. Gorgeous Maxine I love the flaked bottle top and danglies! Elizabeth x