Monday, 27 April 2015

The Fox Pub

Hello fellow bloggers and visitors alike! It's been a busy week of tidying and sorting of my Craft Studio - which was too cold to craft in over winter..., but since the sun is shining (sort of) and it's a little warmer (though I've been awfully chilly today....!) I've been able to get out and have a right good sort.

My other half has built a bar in his 'man-den', which is actually very cool! And my little girl wanted a pub sign for it! So out come the woodworking tools and paints! It's a 3 person operation!

Here you can see Steve cutting out MDF shapes with a new tool. Impressive :-)

Then my daughter and I got the paints out! We have used the IndigoBlu acrylic paints for this job and the Fox is painted using Miss Moneypenny.

We are pleased with the outcome! I had no idea Steve was actually going to do this so it was fun to have a little play with something different!

We all had a lovely weekend working on an idea together as a family. Hope you like!

Peace & harmony to all!
Maxine, Harriet & Steve (oh and Tod the fox too!)


  1. that is beautiful made and fab bar Maxine
    Gr Karin

  2. sooo cool! When we last have been in the UK, we had a fab night in the "Fox and Hounds" Pub with its grand opening. Seems we live very similar lives :-)

    My grandsons toys are foxes. Maybe we have some ancestors in common :-)

    Hugs, Baerbel