Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope all are well.

I've had lots of fun playing with these stamps and felt that I really wanted to showcase them up together in one - and what better way than in a frame for 3 images!

I found this little frame in one of big supermarkets, on sale for a surprising £2!

It was shiny red! Very nice, but did not go with anything in  my house.....what to do? IndigoBlu it of course!!!

Using Goldfinger IndigoBlu cottage acrylic paint, painted onto the frame - as the frame is was shiny, it did not stay put, which was fine as I really wanted to have that red show through! A couple of thin coats did the trick nicely for me.

Once all painted, I roughed over with an emery board, just to distress it slightly and give in the look I desired, which was to have a gold frame with red showing through!!

The same look can be achieved by first painting a frame using the IndigoBlu PostBox Red, or Ruby Slippers Cottage Acrylic paints.

I stamped Becca, Caitlin and Dianne onto a cream stamping card using Versafine Vintage Sepia. Once dry, I added Distress Ink Walnut Stain, lightly with a waterbrush, giving shading to the faces. I distressed very lightly all around the edges.

I'm rather pleased with the effect! I hope you like it too!

Peace to all,



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Holley, yes great stamps to work with!!

  2. Hi Maxine they are absolutely gorgeous. Hugs Jackie

    1. Thank you Jackie, it's hard to go wrong with such beautiful stamps!

  3. fabulous Maxine - they look great lox xxx

  4. Great idea Maxine! Think im going to have to find something similar and have a go if that's ok with you? Thanks for the idea xx

    1. Please do Sue! I'd love to see the results - I'm sure they will be beautiful!