Monday, 21 September 2015

An IndigoBlu Autumn!

Hello and happy new challenge!

My favourite season is Autumn, so I'm delighted to be able to do a theme based on this wondrous time.

My project took a little detour from it's original direction however....

I hope you like it.

I started out with a plain little booklet, about A6 size. This I bought in a local craft shop locally to me (before it closed down, sadly), but this is most common in high street stores and/or supermarkets - although those will have a pattern on - mine was a plain kraftcard stock cover.

I painted the cover various times....With Black GeeSso-Good, then with Burning Bonfire (I just love that orange!).

I stamped over with stamps from the Poppy sets (see links below) using a Gothic purple StazOn ink. I then went over with a very dry brush using the Miss Moneypenny paint. (my favourite!!)

Here you can see the reverse of my book, and it's really rather lovely. I gave it a watered down covering with Miss Moneypenny, simply spraying water onto my craft mat then adding some paint, and mixing it up.  Once all was dry, I added a coat of Slap It On - to seal. (that Burning Bonfire paint is so so juicy and full of pigment that it still rubs of on hands when dry - even keeping the colour on the card!! It's insane!)

So, from this point onwards, I decided that I wanted to add a little more to the front cover...and here's where things when a little beyond 'little more'.......

And here is the result! Just a few bits and bobs glued on and voila!

I've kept to the autumnal colours - I myself and very fond of wearing purple during autumn.

I added a little Mega Flake at the end - Chocolate Box - oh so good, you'll want to eat! (but don't - really, don't eat it.)

All the colours of paint are listed below.

IndigoBlu English Cottage Acrylic Paints:
Miss Moneypenny; Aladdin; Emerald City; Snow White; Sleeping Beauty; Burning Bonfire.

Stamps used:
A5 Plume set; A5 Giant Poppy set; A5 Grand Tour II;  A6 Poppycock.


  1. Lovely creation and a great way to jazz up a little notebook - will make a great gift x

    1. Thanks Claire! (I might keep it for myself though....) Maxine xxx

  2. absolutely love this kay ... it looks brilliant! big hugs rachel x

  3. Thanks Rachel - I will have to try more things (especially if you think it was something Kay did!!) Hugs, Maxine xx

  4. Hi Maxine that is fabulous! I love anything like that because its so tactile and so much work has gone into it. Its lovely! Cxx

  5. Hi Maxine that is fabulous! I love anything like that because its so tactile and so much work has gone into it. Its lovely! Cxx

  6. Wow.... stunning project. What fabulous texture, colours and so very creative, love it! x

  7. Wow, such an amazing texture and scrumptious colours. Love it!