Friday, 16 September 2011

A good day

this day was off to a rough start, but one honey and lemon drink (homemade of course) and a slice of bread and marmite and I felt able to get through the day.
Squirt was tearful and wouldn't go in, in fact there were a few children in tears this morning. I think it's taking it's toll, being back after the holidays, and they are a little tired. The mums are too!

I had work to do, an advert to do and an story to write, and was meeting a lovely lady to talk about work, and we also caught up with talking and had a nice walk in the gallery. That's 2 days in a row going to the gallery after school! Before that we did catch up and have a spot of lunch, which was lovely.

and now I rest my weary head, I have the dreaded back to school sniffles, all my bones ache :( I'm bunged up :( and have a sore throat :( :(

I hope I have time to relax and do some crafty stuff this weekend!

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