Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It's one of 'those' days...

Working from home as a mother is certainly a challenge, and a great one at that... however, it has it's downside - and that, just now for me, is when one is poorly. And when I say poorly, I mean the hacking cough that doesn't allow sleep, or to be able to breath without inducing some sort of coughing fit! Because, unlike some, us mothers must continue, regardless... I cough away, I feel hot and cold, head thumping and rather exhausted, but must still be a mum to my darling girl, still need to get her uniform ready, make her lunch, fix her breakfast, do the school run, attempt to tidy (failing this week at that!), get food shopping, cook dinner for everyone, etc etc..... As a mother, we don't tend to have anyone to look after us, and we can barely do that when feeling poorly, as we're too busy looking after everybody else. In my case, it's just my daughter and her father, but for many others, also mums in business, have bigger families, and are amazing women!

That part is full time and unconditional. We can't take a day off, and I don't mean to complain, as I'm not complaining at all. I would just like to get better! And every now and then, I would love to be looked after too, without having to ask for help, or say what I need.

I did get to make some birthday cards at the weekend, which are lovely, I think. Loving this colour just now! One card was made from my mum (the one with the bow) and the other one for Steve's brother.

And the bedroom was being decorated, and is now finished, though we're still roughing it in the spare room with all everything piled up! That's Steve hanging up the second length of paper and the first image shows the lovely laminate floor - it looks like floorboards, so so pleased with it!

We have our visits from the hedgehogs every evening and I wanted to share this picture, as the other night, I think it was Monday evening, there were two hogs feeding from the cats bowls! The cats usually don't pay much attention to them, but we usually only see one at a time. The following night a hedgehog smaller than both pictured, was feeding, and the night before this picture, we saw two (not together) one of which was decidedly larger, and the little one, possibly the small one from last night...

Well, I need to go make myself a honey drink and I've run out of squeezy lemon, so will try to remember to buy some when picking up my little squirt of a daughter, I can't wait to see her, she's exhausting, but a wonderful child and so amazing (of course, I'm completely biased!).

Peace & Harmony.

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