Wednesday, 28 September 2011

HMRC & other stuff

Today I have pulled my finger out to get myself registered for Self Assessment tax return online. This was painless and incredibly easy, and much better than filing paper work etc.

And I chose such a sunny day too! It's very warm in my garden office, which looks rather more like a sauna with half of the inside now lined with pine tongue and groove panels! It looks so nice though! I may add a picture when it's finished inside.

I have chosen to do out the necessary bits and bobs just now, behind the scenes stuff, like filing, tax stuff, back ups etc. It's not very exciting, although I found myself rather enjoying filing things in my new lever arch file (which is pink!)...

I am starting to think of my new designs for card making, I am debating a couple of themes with regards to characters -- it's hard to imagine now that anyone would like what I create, but I think I'll still pursue this idea nonetheless. I'm also looking to a few more projects with new clients next week! I am also going to ask permissions from existing clients with regards to add the work I've done for them to my portfolio on my website.

For now, blessings, peace & harmony to all of natures children.

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  1. I am exited to see what going to do. Wishing you lots of luck with you're new office. Greetings with heart&soul from Sil.