Thursday, 19 April 2012

April Showers....

Well, what a wet and windy April it has been!! Thankfully, at this point in time (minute) the sun is out, which is nice.

Off out in a short while with a friend/colleague/client...hmm well, one friend I'm working with on a website, another is the client of said website, whose logo I have also designed, and last of all, and of no less importance than any other person in the world(!) friend, all are other mums of course, from daughter's school...!  So we're off to buy the fruits of labour from Tom's Pantry (aforementioned friend whose logo and website we're doing). And of course, to get coffee and natter....

So my morning of colour palettes for a website, backgrounds, images and fonts has not been as fruitful as it could have been... I shall have to concentrate tomorrow!

My life of juggling has been added to, since I've started my job in a local craft department and I've enjoyed it, the ladies I work with are all lovely (and men too, not wishing to be sexist..!). I think I shall learn lots of craft tips from the ladies, and it's good as we are all diverse if many ways, but overlap - so while some may not be into cardmaking, others do scrapbooking, others knit and crochet, we can all share something with each other. So, other than having aching feet, even after only 4 hour shifts, it's good.

My desk is a bit of a mix of craft and graphic design - it's a complete mess! Good job my laptop isn't too big! But I think I need a bigger desk, thinking work surface, just like ones you buy for kitchens - couple of those in my shed, nice a white, all bright, etc and I shall have PLENTY of room to leave my mess laying around!!!!!! (cos lets face it, I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning up after a bit of craft!!!)

My little girl gets new shoes today, bless, I have not had a chance to take her out and living in the sticks means you really have to plan a trip to the shop, and I really want to make sure the shoes fit, especially as I'll be getting her good ole Clarks shoes to ensure her little tootsies are well looked after!  I'm one of those lucky mums I suppose, she hasn't had massive growth spurts and her feet I think are only about a 9.5(f) and she'll be 7 in August!!!!!  She's wee like me! :)

OK, thanks for ready, albeit enough to send you to sleep!  I must upload the latest cards I made, used some lovely new stamps and my pro-markers, had lots of fun and got very inky fingers! yay!!! the best time EVER!!!!

Peace & Harmony to all,

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