Monday, 21 May 2012

May, it's May but ne'er a dry day!

Well, what a very wet month! Thankfully we had a couple of sunny days though - last weekend being one where the whole village was out for Blossoms and Bygones and I was all dressed up 40's style - any excuse!!

I've been busy working with Tom's Pantry, designing logo and signage, including the labels for the food. I've designed website which is being built by a CMS web developer, so hopefully that will be live late June!

We've got chickens too!!! So it's been busy getting them settled in and they seem to be very happy!!!!

We have already got 2 hens laying, and have had eggs for the last week, which were very tasty! Both Ginger and Amber are the layers so far.... Jade and Georgie have yet to lay, but there is no rush!!

Poor Amber (white hen) has a bit of a sneeze happening just now, so I need to go buy some chicken cold medicine!!! Ah bless, she seems in good form though.  Here they are on a rare sunny day pecking and scratching about!!!  It had been raining and suddenly the sun came out, so I snapped pictures while I could!!!
and here are Jade and Georgie up near the fruit trees and bushes. Jade is more upfront and runs up to me - Georgina, well, she runs up if she thinks there is food...! But won't let me stroke her. The others all 'assume the position' for a stroke, admittedly, I think it's more instinctively for a rooster to get busy, but hey, they're not getting that kinda attention from me!!!!

We love the fact that they get to free range, we have a fairly large garden and so they can truly get some freedom. They love digging about the allotments and also love messing up the compost heap too - well, it keeps it stirred up...!!! So we've had great enjoyment with them, they are such wonderful 'pets' and my daughter really enjoys them too! The cats seem to have got used to them and after my initial panic when Harvey looked as if he would pounce on Amber...hmmm well since then, the chickens just charge the cats if they get to close! They charge the wild birds too which is a shame, but I think they have sorted their pecking order out and are more tolerant of the birds, unless they think there is food they are missing out on that is!!!!

Well, I need to get on with some work!! I did some lovely crafty things for my friend's birthday but didn't take a picture, which is a shame. Made a beautiful bracelet and a I modge-podged a candle holder with lovely peacock tissue paper and added some stickles glitter - I have also done a little shelf/dressing gown hanger for my daughter with butterfly paper, so I'll take a picture of that when it's up!!! But Oh, most exciting, at work (not my business, but the p/t job in garden centre craft department), we have now got Deco-Patch papers in, so I shall be getting some more of that I expect!!! AND I did a flower soft demo at work too!!! Going to play with some Kanban core paper too so we can put examples of how to craft with it - loving working there and got a course in June for some crafts, some things I already do and a couple of things I want to do, but not had a chance to, so getting myself very excited about that!! BUT I REALLY MUST GO! I have labels to finish, and working this afternoon... Not enough hours in a day!

Peace & Harmony to all - and much glitter to brighten your day!

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  1. Looks as if Jade is about to lay an egg too!!!!! She's nested up - Amber already laid, as has Ginger, who is currently clucking away over both her own and Amber's egg! (they like the same nestbox, it's so funny, so Ginger ends up waiting until Amber has finished before she goes and lays her egg - she keeps going in and out of the hen house until Amber is finished!!)