Tuesday, 11 November 2014

What a Weekend!

This weekend was a busy one, so I thought I would share it with you all!

Saturday 8th November - NEC Birmingham

Me before leaving (hate having my pic taken!)
I popped along, my first time at the Craft & Hobby show! 'Such a newb!' I kept thinking (in the voice of Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory)...  My first impression was that the place was massive - I thought I'd been there before, but I realise now I'd been to the Manchester NEC (for boring Finance Expo's). This was just as exciting as when I went to the "Spirit of Christmas" fairs at AliPali - and the Christmas hall reminded me of it, with all the lovely yummy food samples - of which I was not able to even get close to!!!!

It was incredibly busy, and I am not great in big crowds... One, I'm too polite and tend to let people through, therefore I never get anywhere, and Two, I get claustrophobic in a crowd - not small rooms so much, more in the crowd, so I did have a couple of panic attacks, but otherwise I was fine!!  I put this problem down to the fact that I'm a mere 4'10" in height and that I can't see anything around me. That's me, just there, looking rather ridiculous as always! Steve is 6' tall - and he took the photograph, it looks like, from the ceiling!!!! But I suppose that is the angle most people would look at me from so, if anyone recognises me, please say hi!! (@cazz_sunshine or Lady Craftalot - yes, if I'd worn the blue wig, I'd have been more recognisable...maybe next time!!)

There was so much to see, and I didn't even get anywhere near enough 'seeing' done. So my first thought was to head straight to the IndigoBlu (www.indigoblu.com) stand, so I could say hi to Kay and Alfie Halliwell-Sutton (they be the best bosses ever!!), and I also got to meet the lovely Mags, who was helping out. After a bit of a chin-wag, I trundled off to see what was about...

I found the Powertex (www.powertex.co.uk) stand and sat and watched Tracey do her demo - now I've been looking out for this since seeing a display from a lady in Norfolk (www.pandorapeople.co.uk) and knew I'd be buying - which I did! At the show, they had starter kits (which were only available at the show). I will do an experiment and document/photograph it and post to show the results..... fingers crossed, but I think this is something that I will enjoy!

Looked out and found my crafty buddies, Karen Lines, Lindsay Mason, Michelle Ann Johnson and I also chatted Kay Rutter (who told me I must attend her Hougie workshop next Saturday at Colemans Warehouse in Rushden!!!)

I met a lovely lady over lunch, who lived in Romford, Essex - and I wish I'd got her name, but we were just having a crafty chat, etc, and shared a table as we were both on our own for the day. So Hello to you if you are ready this! She will most likely remember the IndigoBlu chat we had :-)

I bought a few goodies - IndigoBlu (of course!!), also little Card-io peg stamps (cos they are just too cute), Chloe's glitter, and bizarely a pair of secatuers. (apologies for the fact that I cannot spell!!)

Popped along to the Create and Craft stage and the end of the day and was introduced to Leonie Pujol who was such a sweetie. I'm glad I said hi now. I didn't get a photo, just felt a bit silly to!! Saw Dawn Bibby and Andy Love and the gorgeous Magic Hands! The lovely customer care and marketing girls who were helping out were so very lovely and I wish them all the best.

So I enjoyed my day - and my drive to and from may have been long, in rain and my car stereo may not have been working just for that day, and I had to sing out loud as it was a rather boring drive, and I was knackered, my feet and legs hurt, and I had some pretty bad luck when I first arrived....(girl trouble!!!) - but I had fun nonetheless...!

Sunday 9th November - Witchford Village Hall - Christmas Fayre.
Up early and out to sell my handmade jewellery, cards and also do a little IndigoBlu stamp demo! I was pretty tired from my day at NEC - but I had a lovely time meeting friends and also meeting new people. Lots of money was raised for Pancreatic Cancer (www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk).

To see all the details of the day and find out about further events, please visit Gav&Emma's fundraising page on facebook.

Well, that is it for now... I'm going to go craft now. Peace and harmony to all those living and all those we've lost.

Maxine x


  1. I didn't realise it was your first visit to the NEC, it can be a bit overwhelming. I prefer early morning and mid afternoon when it's a bit quieter. So glad you enjoyed it though, it's fab to see all the gorgeous samples and demo's. I was excited to have one of my samples there :) Got to get a wriggle on now and finish my card for CS and then get my jewellery sorted for a sale on Thursday. Elizabeth xxx

    1. It was overwhelming for sure! I'm also here with lots of things to do....jewellery, cards, canvasses to paint and new things to play with (the powertex!!) Good luck for Thursday! xxxx