Monday, 4 January 2016

All that Sparkles

As always, I had lots of fun making this!! I had a few issues getting this blog post ready in time, so I'm adding my inspiration mid-month! I hope you like! I know it's no longer Christmas, but I've still got my decorations up!  

This rather cute little creation uses a Dinkie stamp called Snowflake Bauble and is hopefully still available to buy on the IndigoBlu website! I know the stamps have been selling like hotcakes and is the only one left at the time of writing this blog post.....

 I used the Copper Kettle Mega Flake, and distressed the edges with distress ink once I'd cut to size. I made to the same (one for each side).

 It's very easy to remove the base of the Glitter Globe and I popped my two images in the middle section - it comes with a little foam 'buffer'.

Then just shake it up and watch it 'glitter'! It sure sparkles!!!!!

Mega Flake - Copper Kettle
Glitter Globe! This is so sparkly!
Dinkie Stamp "Snowflake Bauble"


  1. So pretty, I love snow / glitter globes xx

  2. This is fabulous, love it!
    Linda xxx

  3. this is wonderful maxine. i absolutely adore it. clever lady xx